Top Golf Courses in the World – Play Golf at The Best Courses

Golf, like any other game, needs some playing field. Video games have their own arenas, football has its pitch, basketball its court, but golf, golf has courses. Yes, that is a plural. Golf has various courses, depending on the club which is maintaining them. For a game like golf, which requires lots of land, green land, it is expected for the courses to vary drastically from one another, thus changing your game to an extent.

But, for newcomers who want to experience the best golf has to offer, they will want the best golf courses, as well.

St. Andrews – Scotland

Scotland has a lot of green, forests and the like, so it is only natural that they have one of the best golf courses, ever. Well, this particular course dates back to the 15th century, and you can only imagine the kind of golf that was played at the time. It is not so different to the golf we play today, but the tools are.

Regardless, this is one of the most prestigious courses which has hosted the Open Championship 29 times. It is a course you must visit if you are anywhere near Scotland. It is the origin of all the courses, the one that has it all. Other course either strive to be like this course or to defy it in everything that it represents. Be mindful of the moody Scottish weather, however.

Pine Valley – New Jersey

Over the ocean and far, far away, you have the wonderful course Pine Valley. It is located in New Jersey and is more like a desert with lots of pines rather than a wonderful patch of green you would imagine it to be. That makes it quite unique. The course has everything a course needs to have, it can be quite difficult if you make mistakes, it can be adventurous and even require strategy from you. It can also blend all of those challenges in a single hole. While it doesn’t host any large tournaments, it is a must-visit for golf fans.

Cypress Point Club – California

Located at Pebble Beach, California, this is one of the most breathtaking golf courses in the world. It is not very long, but it makes up for it with brilliant holes and amazing scenery. You will have great weather almost throughout the entire year, making this golf course something to visit at any single time. It used to host tournaments but it had a little racism incident during the early 1990s. Other than that, it is a golf course to be enjoyed and definitely a top 5 golf course.

Royal County Down – Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has its own fair share of beautiful scenery. You can find some of that at the Royal County Down Golf Club in Newcastle, Northern Ireland. It has hosted many tournaments, that many in fact, that keeping count is quite difficult. The course is beautiful and often contests the other courses in the world as one of the most beautiful ones. Not only that, but it has lots of history. Playing at a course like this gives you a certain feeling of fulfilment. 

Royal Melbourne Golf Club – Australia

This club is the one considered the most prestigious in Australia, so much that they are openly advertising it on their site. When you see their holes and all the green, you will quickly realize why it is so. Golfers love the unique holes and shots and so do the tournament organizers. The course hosted many tournaments and remains Australia’s golfing gem.

These are some of the best golf courses in the world. There are more, but these make the top 5, without a doubt.

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