Top 4 Unusual Winter Sports

Sports can be interesting to watch. People enjoy the simplest sports, such as football, to more complicated ones, such as cricket, where a match can last for days. Winter sports are not typically what most people watch, mostly because they are available once or twice in a year, depending on the hemisphere and whether there are any tournaments on both of them annually.

Winter sports are not something most people are familiar with. To change that, let us look through some of the most unusual winter sports.


Curling does not need to be a winter sport, but traditionally, it was.

Curling is a sport where four people slide a curling stone, with the goal of hitting a target at the end of their ice sheet. The goal is to have more points than the opposing team. There are four players involved, each having to slide their stone once, per inning. 

Curling is interesting because one player will slide the stone and the remaining three will sweep the ice in front of the stone, if they want it to slide further. In curling, it is customary and honorable to forfeit a match or round if the opposing team is winning without the option of a comeback.

Kite Skiing

Why not try kite skiing, where you follow a similar pattern you would if you were to take up kiteboarding. You stand on a pair of skis and hold a kite, using wind power to propel yourself forward. On a windy day, you can launch yourself and do amazing jumps. It is a rather dangerous sport, as anything skiing related is. While not a popular sport, more adrenaline-oriented people tend to gravitate towards kite skiing. 

Ice Fishing

This might not sound that strange, but it is indeed an extreme sport of its own. Ice fishing involves finding a good place to drill a hole and then to fish. It seems relaxing, but one would need to go north or south, as far as they could, in order to find relatively safe places to ice fish.

There is an annual competition in Greenland, called the Greenland Shark Challenge. Consider that if you want to show off your fishing skills in a more extreme manner.

Glacier Hiking

If you really want to take things to the next level, glacier hiking is the way to go. It is an activity which requires a lot of gear. It can be rather dangerous and requires one to be fit enough to do regular hiking plus all the added challenges of doing it in winter. Try this if you have the gear and are adventurous enough.

Winter sports are not that common in warmer parts of the world so these were some unusual winter sports.