The World’s Coolest Crazy Golf Courses

If you’ve ever felt the thrill of a well-placed putt, or the adrenaline rush of navigating that mini-windmill or ricocheting off an obstacle, then you know mini golf is unlike any other sport. We’ve gathered the funniest, weirdest, and most creative mini golf experiences from around the globe to honor the wacky sporting wonder.

CaddyShack City

Known as a pillar of the Mini Golf scene in New Zealand, CaddyShack City has been welcoming punters eager to take up the game for years.  The course is housed in a quaint warehouse outside of the city, with 18 holes each themed differently, from a space station featuring a smoke-filled rocket launch to a candy factory distributing lollipops to players. While the course could undeniably use a new lick of paint, it still attracts a steady stream of locals and tourists alike. 

Bubbeljungle Golf in the Dark

It is true that Bubblejungle Mini Golf has a lot of fun gimmicks in it, but it still manages to be effective. Upon entering, participants are given the objective – to rescue Diva Laguna from death via an intense round of mini golf. There is a clue at every hole, which is revealed only upon the final putt, leading the player to solve the mystery while they observe a three-piece grumpy walrus.

Ahlgrim Funeral Services Course

Although a mini golf course located underneath a funeral home may appear a bit grim, the story behind it is a great deal more interesting. After moving Ahlgrim Funeral Services’ business to new premises in Palatine, Illinois, in 1964, Ahlgrim Funeral Services’ company director decided to devote his basement to one of his passions – mini golf.

Can Can Wonderland

Its 18 holes were designed by local architects, visual artists, and electrical engineers, with references to everything from Hot Tub Time Machine to Oasis’ Wonderwall.  Aside from offering golfers a kaleidoscope of opportunity, the course is also Minnesota’s first arts-based public benefit corporation, donating some of its profits back to the Minneapolis-St. Paul talent pool. It is a mindblowing achievement to be named “the world’s longest golf hole” at the end of a course with such a heartwarming history.

Dino Park Mini Golf

Golfers get a taste of prehistoric putting at this course, which transports them to a time before time. An innovative golfing experience, Dino Park is just a short distance from the Marina Phuket Resort on Phuket. This multi-sensory golf course features dinosaurs that tower over you, holes tucked inside bubbling lava caves, underneath gushing waterfalls and under an erupting volcano. It’s unlikely that you’ll find something that can top this 18-hole course if you enjoy mini golf with a sense of primeval peril.