The Most Famous Golf Caddies of All Time

You are only as good as your tools are, they say. Well, that could be true, but some masters can do great even with sub-par tools. But in all honesty, a good tool can go a long way and last you a while. Some can last for over 40 years. 

But, great people are often supported by other great people, who do the things which are necessary for the face of greatness to remain in that position. In music, that would be luthiers, producers and sound engineers. 

In golf, those people are caddies. Yes, golfers need their caddies, more than you would think. Here are the world’s most famous caddies.

Steve Williams

Steve is one of those caddies who you would have to know if you have ever heard of Tiger Woods. If you are interested in golf, chances are you have heard of both. During Woods’s many major victories in his prime, from 1999 to 2008, Steve Williams was at his side. Williams is one of those caddies who knows when to give advice and when to just stay silent. He is also one of those caddies who cares for the security and safety of their golfer, often taking away people’s cameras and physically protecting Woods. They separated in 2011, but Williams found another golf superstar, though with a lot fewer major victories than Woods. He is still active and on the scene, though not with Scott. He moved to another golfer, Danielle Kang.

Jim Mackay

Ah, this is one of those long standing names. Jim Mackay was Phil Mickelson’s caddy from 1993 up to 2017. He is one of those caddies who has been around for long enough to become a part of the golf community. He was there when Mickelson won his five major victories and plenty more other PGA tour tournaments. His nickname is Bones, which he apparently got when Fred Couples wasn’t able to remember his actual name. Among other interesting facts, he had both his knees replaced and he gave up caddying to take up golf commentary for the NBC, or rather, their Golf Channel.

Mike Cowan

Mike Cowan has the nickname Fluff, most likely due to his instantly recognizable, huge moustache. He has been a caddy for over 40 years. His career is longer than that of most golfers. He used to be a caddy for Tiger Woods from 1996 to 1999, but was dismissed, most likely because he revealed his salary to the press in an interview. He moved from golfer to golfer until he started working with Jim Furyk, in 2003. He has been Furyk’s caddie ever since.

Like famous golfers, famous caddies also exist, and with good reason. These are the world’s most famous ones.

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