The Most Extreme Golf Courses in the World

The world is full of amazing sports which you can do as a professional, or as recreation. Golf is among those many sports which people love playing when they have lots of spare time and hopefully, a sunny but not too warm of a day. Golfing can also be an extreme sport, provided that some expectations are met. No, you will not be chased by dinosaurs while playing golf, but you might end up in some really interesting situations if you find the right golf course. With that in mind, here are the world’s most dangerous and extreme golf courses.

The Kabul Golf Club

Remember Kabul and Afghanistan? Well, Kabul is Afghanistan’s capital city. This golf course, if of course, mostly in the desert. The course itself has an armed guard, and, well, you will also have armed guards while playing. This is truly an authentic experience, not to mention a really scary one. Adventurous people love it, though. The dangers are quite real and there is even a chopper nearby, to take golfers away should any trouble starts brewing. The golf club is pretty active, despite the country’s many troubles over the years. It is defintely a destination worth considering if you enjoy golf but are also a bit more adventurous.

The Legend Golf Course

This course has standard 18 holes like any other golf course, but it also has a secret, 19th hole. This hole is a bit out of the way, or at least, the tee is. You need to be flown to the top of a mountain, in a helicopter, in order to get to the tee. The green is not on the mountain, but in the wilderness below. You can clearly see it from the tee, but you better aim properly, because your shot can end up anywhere in the grass or even forests, below. This is one of those golf courses which is worth visiting for every golfer who likes a challenge. To do that, you will have to go to South Africa.

Merapi Golf Club

If you ever find yourself in Indonesia, then know that there is a golf club with your name on it, if you are feeling like being a bit adventurous. A course of 18 holes awaits you, but it is not really that special. Oh, the view is great and the course is, of course, well maintained, but the real winner here is the active volcano which is constantly in your line of sight. It can erupt from time to time, sometimes more, sometimes less, either way, prompting golfers to take a break, sometimes for an entire week, even.

Arikikapakapa Rotorua Golf Club

With such a long name, it had better be an interesting golf club. It is, because it is located in New Zealand. This golf club, for example, is located on top of hot springs. A sulfur-y smell, geisers here and there, and you have quite a unique and frankly, amazing golfing experience.

These are the world’s most extreme golf courses.

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