The Greatests Athletes Who Also Play Golf

Golf is a hobby, as well as a sport which can be played by people who are actually professionals in other sports. Hobbyists enjoy it because it means spending a lot of time outside, in the sun, or generally, various weather conditions, with friends and a lot of banter, while others prefer staying home and betting online using promo codes. Professionals play it for the passion and for the money, of course.

Then, there are athletes who are very good in other sports, yet they also play golf, albeit most of them recreationally. Here are the world’s most famous athletes who also play golf.

Stephen Curry

He should be very well known in the world of basketball, and even outside it. He has won 3 NBA championships with the Golden State Warriors, as well as having been named an All Star 6 times and an MVP twice. He was also on the all NBA professional team three times. He is basically an amazing basketball player.

He also plays golf and even competes, from time to time, albeit in smaller events. Athletes often find their way to other sports a lot easier than non-athletes. For Steph Curry, this is an enjoyable activity. He actually played a lot of golf in high school. He even played with Barack Obama, the former president of the United States.

Harry Kane

Oh, just a footballer for Tottenham Hotspur and the captain of the English national team. Harry Kane is an amazing striker who plays for Hotspur in the Premier League and has been doing so since 2010, professionally. His senior career started at the age of 17. Currently 26, Harry Kane continues to impress on and off the pitch. Off the pitch, he enjoys playing golf, of course. While not as good of a golfer as he is a footballer, he is definitely an athlete in every regard.

Pete Sampras

Pete Sampras won 14 grand slam titles. He won 7 Wimbledon titles, you know, the grass courts? He won all 7 finals in which he participated, which is notable. He won 5 US Open titles and 2 Australian Open titles. He didn’t manage to get a French Open, even though he tried hard.

But, when off the court, Sampras is enjoying the surface he was the most proficient on, grass. He is a recreational golfer, but a very good one. Swinging a racket and a club is a similar motion, after all. 

These are some of the world’s greatest athletes who also play golf. They are not the only ones. Gareth Bale, Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, Michael Jordan, are just a couple more. Golf is a popular sport and even professional athletes play it as a means of recreation.

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