The Best Winter Sports You Can Bet On

With every winter, come winter sports. Every four years, we also get to enjoy the Winter Olympics, where the world’s top athletes compete, showing everyone quite a good battle. Everyone loves a good match and battle in sports, but punters are not fond of overly close situations, especially when they are using bet365 India, unless the match or event swings in their favor. With winter sports, there are not as many of them on the bookmakers’ lists, but you can still bet on them. Here are the best winter sports you can bet on.

Alpine Skiing

With alpine skiing, events are more frequent than you would think. There are plenty of worldwide events, the most well known being the FIS World Cup, the FIS World Championship and of course, the Winter Olympics. The World Cup and Championship are annual events, meaning that skiers will have where to compete and punters will have what to bet on.

The best part about alpine skiing is that it can be extremely entertaining to watch, due to the very nature of the sport. Speed and agility are key here, meaning very good entertainment for the viewers, not just for the bettors.

Ski Jumping

Ski Jumping is a sport where people jump from a large ski ramp to make the longest distance jump. That is a fast, dangerous and subsequently, entertaining sport. The FIS Nordic World Ski Championship is an annual event which helps promote the sport to everyone. Jumpers have where to compete and a reason other than the Winter Olympics to stay at the top of their game. It is very entertaining sport which allows for interesting bets to be placed. You do not have to bet only on the winner of a tournament, but whether a skier will break their own record, for instance.

Cross-Country Skiing

This type of skiing is much less entertaining than the above mentioned two, yet it is still one of the most competitive winter sports out there. It is mainly used as a way of traversing long distances on snow, but it has turned into a professional activity in the early 20th century. You can watch annual events at the FIS Championships and World Cup, as well as the Winter Olympics. While you might not get the kick from cross-country skiing as you would from ski jumping or alpine skiing, it is still a sport worth considering as a punter.


The biathlon is cross-country skiing’s more entertaining brother. This sport combines the former with rifle shooting. Skiers move from a rifle range to another, and stop to hit targets along the way. The targets are shot from two positions, standing and prone. The variations and two sports in one mean that you cannot just bet on someone just because they ski well, but you must take into account their shooting skills. Often, missed shots result in time penalties. The athlete with the shortest overall time wins the race, so have that in mind when you’re watching the Olympics or the FIS events.


Snowboarding events are a bit more difficult to find on bookmakers’ lists but you can still find it. It has always been an exciting sport, though a dangerous one. Given that it’s made the list of Olympic sports, you can expect to see more of it during the 2022 Olympic Games. There are, of course, FIS events which include snowboarding like their World Cup and Championships.

These are the top winter sports you can bet on at the moment. Remember that betting is an activity which can lead to addiction. If you plan on doing any betting, please do so responsibly.

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