The Best Websites And Magazines for Golf Lovers

Golf is a sport which gets its own fair share of updates. People love playing golf and local golf courses tend to have solid websites and blogs, keeping their fans and customers updated. Bookmakers, of course, keep the people updated on the possible bets and outcomes of various tournaments, same way that football accumulator tips do. But, is there a regular news outlet which also happens to be really good at golf or should you look for a specific one? You don’t need to look for anything. Here are the best online magazines and sites for golfers and everything golf-related.

When in doubt, search for the sport you like and add .com. To be honest, this doesn’t work with all sports, but is a legitimate site which deals with everything golf-related. News is the site’s main area of operation. They also upload high quality photos and videos from various golf events, small and large. You have a scoreboard, which updates in real time, as well as access to podcasts. It is definitely a site for golf enthusiasts.

Sky Sports Golf

Sky Sports is a channel devoted to sports, obviously. They offer plenty of sports, from football to Formula 1 racing. Golf is among those sports, and it has its own dedicated page on the Sky Sports website. The latest news are available to golf fans worldwide, as well as the PGA ranking and the current matches, schedules of upcoming matches and even scores of live matches. Sky Sports does plenty of things well, and golf is among them. You can also subscribe and get their streaming services, anywhere with an internet connection. It is worth it if you are a golf fan. goes a bit more in depth than your regular news site does. While still reporting on current events, rumors and the like, GolfDigest also deals with helping golfers become better. They offer guides on equipment as well as instructions on how to get better at a plethora of golf-related things. Be mindful, they do have their own school, so the videos might just be the tip of the iceberg.

Similarly to GolfDigest, GolfChannel offers their own take on how you should approach the game, which equipment to buy and how to properly swing a club. They also report on all the current events in the world of golf, so you also get news and guides. They have plenty of partners, in case you needed something that they cannot provide you with, but at a lower price.

Reddit – r/golf

Reddit has always been a great source of information if you don’t mind reading the meme comments and various jokes before you get to the real deal. Every now and then, each subreddit is filled with information. r/golf is a great source for everything golf-related, without the marketing talk.

This site is dedicated to your mental game, rather than your physical performance. You will eventually get the right form and posture, not to mention power and balance of power. But, if you tilt off the face of the planet after one bad swing, you might as well have forfeited the game. GolfStateofMind is there to fix that. 

These are the best sites which you can visit if you are a golf fan.

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