The Best Skis on the Market – Buy the Best And Nothing But the Best

Skiing is a sport which can get dangerous rather quickly. Michael Schumacher is the sole witness of that, a man used to much faster speeds, who ended up in a coma because of a single moment where he didn’t pay attention (and he was skiing off piste). But, with that in mind, doing serious things like skiing off the beaten path requires skill and the right tools. Even with the necessary skills to handle such rough terrain, your tools might not be up to the task. This is where you should look towards buying new skis. Skis are important as they are the only thing keeping you upwards. Here are the best skis you can purchase for every single category of skiing.

Piste Skiing – Groomed Snow Skiing

The Salomon Max Blast skis are really tight, with such a narrow waist that you could use them for the sharpest of turns. They are intended for groomed snow, and thrive in the hands or rather, below the legs of experienced skiers who know how to carve. Carving is a term which is used to describe sharp, quick turns and lots of speed. The Salomons are a perfect fit for that kind of skiing. Be careful, though, the faster you go, the harder you hit when you lose control. 

All Mountain Skiing – Hard and Soft Snow

All mountain skiing is one of the best things you can do when you learn to ski and find yourself at home on the snow. You can ski on two different types of snow, harder, icy snow, and softer, powder-y snow. The Fischer Ranger 102 FR is a freeride pair of skis which is made to handle soft snow off the beaten track. It handles it pretty well, making sharp turns between trees and stumps seem like child’s play.

For harder, icier snow, the K2 Pinnacle 88 Ti is the second pair you need. While not as good as the 102 FR on soft snow, they still handle it quite well. Their strength is handling the harder snow, enabling you to hold your own on icy parts, as well.

Powder Skiing – Deep Snow

The Sego Cleaver 110 offers a lot to those who like going to areas where the snow gets above waist level. 110 is the width of the skis and the wider the skis the better they stay afloat on powder. That also means that they handle worse, at least it should. The Cleaver is appropriately named as it can carve and cleave its way through the snow, allowing for more than just powder skiing.

Best Ski in General – One Ski to Rule Them All

No, no, not a ring, a pair of skis. The Volkl Mantra 5 has been redesigned multiple times. According to Volkl, it is their most popular ski. It is with good reason that people purchase this ski. It can do everything, from fast turns to handling unpredictable snow. It is the best all around ski which excels at everything, though not at the level of specific skis, but better than any entry-level specific ski. 

These are the best skis you can purchase today, for every type of skiing you might think of trying. There are more great skis out there, but these ones stand out clearly above the rest.

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