The Best Golf Players in the World for 2019

Golf is a game which you can play with your friends, on a weekend, or by yourself, if you enjoy the color green and carrying lots of clubs. On the other hand, professional golf players earn their place in the world by staying at the top of the table, either at first place or in the top five to ten players.

These players are the most anticipated ones, meaning that people cannot wait to watch them play or to bet on them when learning how to bet online. Golf and betting go hand in hand, for most of the time. The world’s top golfers will always be more attractive to punters than number 2000 on the list, let’s say.

With that in mind, here are the current top golfers in 2019.

Brooks Koepka – United States

Brooks Koepka, a contender for being one of the best golfers in history. He is 29 years old and is currently ranked number one on the charts. He has a winning mentality and that shows in his last 8 majors, out of which he won 4. That is a lot, given that some golfers win a major only once in their lives. He almost took home the Masters in 2019, but was ultimately behind Tiger Woods by a single stroke.

He can commonly be seen on trophy presentations and currently holds a very convincing lead, 3000 points ahead of the next best player on the list. Though these things change, his consistency is what keeps him at the top of the ladder.

Rory Mcilroy – Northern Ireland

Rory Mcilroy hails from Northern Ireland and is one of those golfers that manages to stay at the top, even though his victories on the major tournaments come every once in a while. While he is not as consistent as Koepka, it is obvious that he is more than good enough to maintain the second position on the ladder.

His last major victory was in 2014. The rest were smaller tournaments, yet still those which are worth a lot of money and points, like the PGA Championship which he took in 2018. He also won the FedEx Cup, his second one, in 2019. While he would need more consistency to get to the very first spot, he is definitely worth the second spot.

Dustin Johnson – United States

Even though Mcilroy is currently second on the ladder, Dustin Johnson is one of those players that can move up and down the ladder pretty quickly. He managed to be in the first, second and third place during the course of 2019. He is currently third, but by the way he is playing, he could very well be first. Johnson and Koepka are often among the top two leading golfers on every tournament. They are a perfect pair for the best of a nationality bet.

Tiger Woods – United States

Currently sitting at number 8, Woods is one of those players who you cannot dismiss. His place at the ladder is not reflected by his gameplay. Plagued by injuries, he made a solid comeback in 2019, winning the Masters, a major tournament, his first in 11 years, but fifth masters overall. He is a living and still playing competitively, legend in golf. It would be unwise of anyone to think that Woods couldn’t make a run for a couple more titles.

These are the world’s best golfers, at the moment.

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