The Best Bobsled Teams of All Time

Bobsleigh or bobsled, sees people in a sled, going down a fast, icy tunnel, toboggan or slide, however you want to call it, attempting to go as fast as possible, to finish the track with the best time. It is an Olympic sport performed by teams of two or teams of four. Bobsled is probably the most known because of a movie which showed a most unlikely foursome who entered the Winter Olympics. 

The movie is called Cool Runnings and features the formation of the Jamaican bobsled team, four people who had never seen snow before in their lives. It was based on a real-life story, which took place during the 1988 Winter Olympics. The 1988 Winter Olympics were known for having multiple contenders from countries who have little or no snow at all.

While these stories are just stories, and given that the Jamaican team eventually lost due to a crash, it is time to look at actual winners and the greatest bobsled teams of all time, for whom we could use betting bonus and actually win.


Germany has the most gold medals of all countries in bobsled. They have 13 gold medals, followed relatively closely by Switzerland, which has 10. Switzerland actually has more medals overall. Germany sits at 25, while Switzerland has 31. Germany is actually tied in total medals with the US, which also sits at 25 medals.

Of all the German athletes, two are probably the most well known, Kevin Kuske and Andre Lange

Lange competed in the 2002, 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympics, winning medals in each of them. He won medals in both the four men and two men disciplines. He won 14 more medals in various other competitions, most notably the FIBT World Championships.

Kevin Kuske – The most Successful Bobsledder

Kevin Kuske competed alongside Lange in the 2002, 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympics. But, he also competed in the 2014 and 2018 Winter Olympics, as well. 2014 wasn’t a successful year for Germany and bobsled. 2018 was a lot better, with Kuske winning a silver medal in the four-men event. He retired immediately after the 2018 Winter Olympics.


Switzerland’s success is much more varied than Germany’s. Yes, Germany also has medals from the previous century, but Switzerland actually has medals from almost every decade, thus making a very interesting competitor. Their teams were never as consistent as those consisting of Lange and Kuske, but they did the job, apparently, 31 times. While failing to beat the best, they were still in the top 3 31 times, 10 of those times, they were the number one team.

Honorable Mentions

Among other countries which did well in bobsledding, the United States should be mentioned. Italy has 12 medals in total and Canada is trailing with 9. Italy has 4 gold medals, while Canada has 5.

Out of all the bobsled teams, the German ones have been the best. Whether that changes will remain to be seen. We might even see a Jamaican team take home a gold medal.

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