Prestigious Golf Clubs – Where Playing is A Prestigious Experience

Golf is known as the sport of the rich, but people often don’t grasp what that actually means. Yes, equipment for playing golf is rather expensive, not to mention the necessary clothes. Then, you have to make a reservation at a club, in advance. Clubs rarely have any free space at the day of reservation, you often have to make a reservation for at least a week ahead, or play at some really unpleasant hour.

Prestigious golf clubs cost even more than the regular ones, but their cost has little to do with snobbery, moreso with their history. Here are the world’s most prestigious golf clubs.

Augusta National Golf Club

This club is in Georgia and it is considered a prestigious golf club in every sense. It used to be exclusive to males only, but was opened to females. Members include very rich people like Bill Gates, not to mention the CEO of IBM, Ginny Rometty. Membership fees are a measly 250,000 dollars, up to half a million. It hosted multiple tournaments, so it has a level of prestige to it which only people who are very sound financially can enjoy. Others can enjoy it through a TV screen.

St. Andrews Golf Club

In Scotland, there is this little club called St. Andrews. It is considered by many to be the home of golf. This isn’t a club where you can simply purchase your membership, you have to be invited. They have only 2,400 members, many of which are people of importance and professional golfers.

It originated in the 18th century but it is said that golf was played on that course in the 15th. While the numbers might not be completely transparent when it comes to the course’s age, its prestige was never in question.

The Royal Melbourne Golf Club

This club has plenty of holes for all kinds of golfers. The problem is that it is the biggest and oldest course in Australia. It also has an air of prestige about it, one that not everyone can purchase. It has two courses, the West and East. They are both considered the best courses in Australia, though people often change their minds as to which of the two is actually the better one.

Golf de Morfontaine

This course is located in France. It was designed and built for the Duc de Guiche. The Duke used to play golf on the course with his friends. Once he passed away in 1962, however, the course became the property of its members. It has only 450 members. To this day, it remains one of the most beautiful and exclusive golf clubs.

These are some of the world’s most prestigious golf clubs. There are more, but these ones stand out.

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