Preparing for the 2022 Winter Olympics

Winter is coming and that means a lot of snow and winter sports! Well, for those expecting the 2022 Winter Olympics, waiting is mandatory, due to the nature of the Olympic Games, where waiting four years is needed in between two iterations of the Games. The upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics will be interesting, like every other iteration of the Games, and it will be the perfect opportunity to use LVBET bonus code! Here is how you can prepare for the Winter Games.

Winter Olympics Location – Beijing – China

The first thing you should know is that the Olympics, at least the Winter variant, will be held in Beijing, China. It won’t actually be held in Beijing, at least, not all of the events. Neighboring towns will also get a slice of the winter cake. Yanqing, a part of Beijing considered their suburban area will also be hosting the games, as well as Zhangijakou, a city in Hebei province.

The Beijing National Stadium will be hosting a variety of sports, will other sports, which cannot realistically be played on a stadium will be hosted in the other two areas. The Winter Olympics will take place between February 4th until February 20th in 2022.

Sports at the Winter Olympics

Everyone wants to watch the Olympics for the sport and the athletes. There will be 7 different winter sports at the 2022 Winter Olympics. Here they are, in no particular order.


There is nothing awfully specific about the biathlon. Cross-country skiing and rifle shooting, as it has been for ages. The biathlon can be exciting to watch, but is probably among the least exciting sports of the 7.


Believe it or not, bobsleigh has two disciplines, bobsleigh and skeleton. The former is a typical bobsleigh race, with either four or two people in a sleigh, while the skeleton is something altogether different. It is a single person riding on a sled, face first, down a very fast icy toboggan/tunnel/slide. It is like the luge, but the luger is turned the other way around.


What, curling? Is that the sport where they rub the ice so that the stone gets to the target? Yes, curling is an Olympic sport, and a very fun one, as well. Curling attracts lots of punters, mind you.


Skiing has 5 disciplines, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, nordic combined, ski jump, freestyle skiing and snowboarding. Some people will throw a fit about snowboarding being there, but that is obviously just a formal thing. All of these disciplines are exciting, especially alpine skiing, ski jumping and snowboarding. They are really fast and quite dangerous.


Luge has already been mentioned, a sled, a luger, and fast ice toboggans. The luger rides feet first, opposite to the skeleton rider.

Ice Skating

Ice skating has 3 disciplines, speed skating, short track speed skating and figure skating. Ice skating can be really interesting and entertaining, so make sure to tune in when it is live.

Ice Hockey

This is a sport which many love watching due to its competitive nature and aggressive and fast gameplay.

These are the things you need to know about the 2022 Winter Olympics.

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