How to Make Golf Games More Fun

There are so many fun activities we can do in our free time – shopping, playing card games with friends, playing Double Bubble Bingo, watching movies… For some, golf is one of those fun activities; however, it isn’t that fun for everybody. Golf as a game can get very boring if you are not the kind of person who likes to carry clubs all day long, lots of clubs…

If you are playing golf with people who are rule-crazy, then the game can get even more boring. If the day is really hot, then things can quite draining, really quickly. In order to make the game a bit more entertaining, you should find ways of enjoying it, a bit differently.

Here is what we have in mind, a couple of ideas to make golf a bit more enticing.

Rules Out – Rules In

In order for any game to be a game, you need some rules. If the rules for golf are too much for you, then invent a new set of rules, ones which will make the game a bit more entertaining, such as who can get the most balls out a sand trap successfully, or even a pond, if you are feeling like getting dirty. Rules can be changed and adjusted in so many ways that you can have fun just by changing them. Your game, your time, your rules. As long as everyone agrees and adheres to the rules, then you will have no problem.

Stop Counting – Scoring Can be Cumbersome

Some players just look at the numbers and not at the actual game itself. The same thing can be said of people who workout. The most common mistake in working out (besides bad form), is sacrificing everything to get to a certain number, meaning muscle overload, intensity, volume and form, of course. If that happens with a simple set of dumbbell curls, imagine what happens when you start thinking of numbers in a game of golf. Throw the numbers out and try to have fun just playing the game. The only person you would need to beat is yourself, if you can even remember how many times it took you to strike the ball.

Lose Some Weight

This is not an exercise joke, but rather practical advice. Carrying all the golf clubs can strain you or your caddy, if you have one, which you won’t for most of the time because you are not a professional. Carrying extra weight only puts a strain on you and everyone else playing, especially if you plan on doing the entire course of 18 on a sunny, warm day. Carrying 3 or even 2 clubs not only lightens your load, but also makes the game more interesting.

Avoid Burning Out

As with any game or anything in life, doing too much of it means you will burn out. You do not need to play all 18 holes. You can play 13, or 9, or even 5 if you don’t feel like playing more. As long as you have fun and still want to play the game after it’s over, then you know yourself and your limits well. 

These are but some ways of making golf a bit more interesting.

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