How to Bet on Golf – A Simple Betting Guide

The game of golf, as with any other sport or game, even, has its own audience. People who watch football and use best NJ sports betting apps might also like watching golf games. Likewise, people who love basketball and different basketball leagues such as the Polish one which you can read about here or the Spanish one, may also follow other sports. While not all golf games are streamed live, those which are, are often high-stakes and feature some of the best players in the world at the moment.

Golf is a popular sport, one which also attracts bettors of all kinds. Some bettors like to bet on the game because they find it entertaining, others do it to support their favorite golfer, in their own way. Some do it professionally because golf is a great sport to bet on, just like any other sport if you follow it closely enough and are meticulous in your research.

But the newcomers, they might find themselves in deep waters when it comes to betting on golf. Here is what you need to know in order to bet on golf.

Understanding Golf Bets – The Basics

Golf has a set of bets that you can make, like any other game. You can always pick a player to win a certain tournament, as you would in football, but there are specific bets which you should be informed of in order to make your betting experience more versatile and entertaining, and potentially profitable.

Golf Tournament Winner

This bet is as simple as it gets. You are betting that a certain golfer will win a tournament. This is one of the most popular bets in all sports, and it is one which you can use in golf, as well. It is not the most entertaining of bets, but the stakes can be high, so you might even earn money. You could also lose money, because people change during tournaments.

Each-Way Bets

This is an interesting bet. It means you are betting that a person will either win the whole tournament, or finish in a top something position. The frequently offered position is top 5. It is almost like a double-down bet, but it is not. You do get more money if your player finishes first and in the top 5, for example, but not double the money. You get the regular amount for them finishing first, depending on the quota, and then another quarter of the same amount, rather than double the amount, since they also finished in the top 5 or 10.

Top Nationality Bet

This is a rather common bet in golf. You can bet on whichever player from whichever country will finish better than their countrymen. The bet is straightforward and special in its own way.

Versus Bets or Head-to-Head Betting

This is another specialty which some golf fans enjoy. You bet that a certain player will do better than another player at a tournament, or even part of a tournament. Some bookmakers allow various customizations of this bet, thus drastically changing the odds.

First-Round Leader Bet

This means that you bet that a certain player will be leading after the first round is over. Rounds in golf consist of a full set of 18 holes. The bet is very simple, a favorite among golf punters, especially at the Majors.

Betting on golf can be very entertaining if you know what you are betting on and how the bets work. If you do plan to bet on golf or any other sport, remember to do so responsibly.

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