Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Be a Better Golfer – AI in Golf

Today, artificial intelligence is used for a lot of things, from search engine suggestions, to teaching other machines how to handle some tasks. AI has made its way into almost every part of our lives including betting online at Delaware online gambling.

What about the game of golf? Is AI used to improve golfers’ lives in any way? Yes, it is, and here is how.

AI Helps Design Golf Equipment

AI is good at things like math and calculations, as well as handling exceptionally large amounts of data. This being said, golf has been played for more than a couple of centuries. The last 50 or so years have been recorded, to an extent, so the numbers are there.

AI needs lots of data to work properly and with golf, this is not an issue.

Golf clubs are specific and unique. Not every club is used for every type of shot. the Callaway Golf Company used an AI to help them design faces of clubs. The process of designing and improving clubs is just like anything else, designing, making prototypes, testing, comparing the data and improving. AIs are good with these cyclical tasks. The Flash Face made it onto a couple of clubs and has been successful.

AI Can Help Golfers Play Better

SwingAI is an application where you can upload two or more of your swings, depending on the price plan, to have them analyzed by professionals who will then tell you what to do and how to improve. The AI comes in to help the professionals create a suitable plan to improve every individual’s swing. The app can be used anywhere at any time and is available for Android and iOS devices.

Virtual Caddies

This is an idea in the making, but virtual caddies could help golfers choose the right equipment for every hole and shot, while also providing feedback about their technique. These types of caddies require a lot more work and data than an application which is designed to improve swings, specifically. 

Virtual caddies might be a couple of years away from being actually useful, but they will definitely be coming, sooner or later. Artificial intelligence can be really helpful in a game where a lot of data is centered around an individual. Team games would be problematic, but an individual could benefit from AI, at least in golf.

AI is leaving its mark on the world. We are, hopefully, still decades or more away from SkyNet, though AIs are useful and have so far proven to do everything to benefit us.

The game of golf is a primary example, where artificial intelligence is actively used to improve the game, both on the green and in factories, where the tools of the trade are made.

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