Designed by Stanley Thompson, Uplands first opened in 1922 as an eighteen hole private course. In 1989, urban sprawl engulfed half of the course and it became a nine hole gem in the middle of the city. The current nine holes criss cross a valley filled with mature trees and forest.


This troublesome par three leaves little room for error. The Men begin 176 yards from the green and must defy a cavernous ravine infront of the green, the gaping sand trap to the left and trees behind and to the right. The ravine does contain a small stream, which bisects the entire hole. The Ladies face an equally difficult shot from the edge of the valley,
132 yards from the green.

Pro Tips:
Be sure to use enough club; getting caught on or at the bottom of the steep hill leading to the green can be disastrous. The green slopes to the left and you may have some success by playing your ball off the hill to the right of the green.

The eighth hole at Uplands has long been feared as one of the most challenging holes in Canada. Its length (232 yards), along with its narrow width demand pin-point accuracy. The Men's tee is situated sixty feet above the fairway, which lies at the bottom of a heavily treed valley. A small stream runs along the entire length of the left side of the fairway. The green is elevated to a height of fifteen feet above the fairway. The hill leading up to the green is extremely steep and almost impossible to play your ball from.

Pro Tips:
If you are able to reach the green, hit a draw to the hill on the right of the green. A shot that appears to be going over the right side of the green will kick onto the centre of the green. If you are not confident about reaching the green, play the hole as a par four and be happy walking away with a bogey

• R.C.G.A. rules of golf govern all play except as modified by local rules.
• Play preferred lies on the cut portion of your own fairway on
holes #3, #5, and at the bottom of the hill on #8.
• A ball striking the overhead wire on hole #1 must be replayed. No penalty.
• Management reserves the right to tee off foursomes.
• Caddies, spectators, or other walkers are not allowed unless purchasing
a greenfee.
• All golfers must have their own set of golf clubs. Sharing clubs is not allowed.
• Keep power carts as far from tees and greens as possible.
• You must be 19 years of age and have a valid drivers license to rent or drive power carts.

124 minutes per 9 holes is a reasonable length of time to complete your round of golf. Anyone who does not play at an acceptable pace will be asked to:
• First warning-required to speed up play and catch up with the group ahead
• Second warning-asked to immediately pick up golf balls and walk or drive to the next tee
• Third warning-asked to leave the course


• Free drop, one club length, nearest point of relief but not nearer the hole.


• To the right of holes #3, #5, #7 defined by white stakes is OUT OF BOUNDS. Penalty: Stroke and Distance.


• Area to the left of the upper fairway defined by white stakes is considered ground under which play is prohibited (play as a lateral hazard). Penalty: One stroke, drop outside the hazard line within two club lengths at the original point of entry but not nearer the hole.


• Management asks that all of our players adhere to the rules of the club in regards to Slow Play and Dress Code and everyone should make an effort to replace divots and repair ball marks.